Friday, July 30, 2010

Portraits of Mel

I am still unpicking the hem of one of my dresses i made- so no new sewing to share- but i will share some lovely pics instead.

Taken last year of my cousin Mel- she was a good sport with these ones- were very time consuming to take and the mossies were getting her big time.
Melinda is a distance runner, and has represented Australia and is a world record holder at the deaf Olympics. I wanted to create a portrait of Mel's relationship with the athletics track (or her running in general), but also find a humorous vein (which is definitely in her personality!). I would say the first (and second) image is rather loaded in meaning for Melinda, the third was a fun take on her role as a deaf athlete.

Even though i am a few weeks early- i want to wish Mel the best of luck in defending her City 2 Surf title in August- I'm sure not matter what, you will do yourself proud, Also, good luck to Sam, who is running the city 2 surf to raise money for the leukemia foundation- a charity close to her and our families hearts- its a super effort :)

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