Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sewing projects up until now Part 1

This is my third post today! I feel like i have to do a bit of a history of all things me- i guess you need to look at the past before you can go ahead in the future right?
Ok so i have already shown my top and two dresses- well that took me to christmas time 09.

I found some sateen at spotlight on sale for $6 a metre- the material seemed sturdy, with a slight stretch- which i thought was perfect for an everyday basic dress that i could wear to work or anywhere. Again mum provided me with a pattern- a basic dress pattern- a little big for me, but i worked on it a bit and got it to fit *reasonably well*. I was really happy with this dress- even though its the most basic of designs- the material colour and pattern turn it into something else!

Next dress is my Derby Day races dress. I admit to really enjoying getting dressed up from time to time (it really doesnt happen often) so Derby Day @ Randwick racecourse is my one day of the year for Glam! Since i was learning to sew, i figured i may as well make my outfit!
I had a vintage sheath dress pattern with a bateu neckline and kimono sleeves, which didnt appear too challenging- so i made this out of velveteen.
Velveteen was an interesting fabric- it left little black dots EVERYWHERE (drove mum batty) and i learnt the hard way that you can only cut the fabric one way, as it either shines or is matte- i found this out when i made it the first time, with a shiny front and a matte back- i had to do the whole thing again!
I teamed the dress up with an awesome hat from Sydney Milliner Suzy O'Rourke and a funky cape made by my dressmaker (too hard for this ducky).
I ended up in the final 4 on fashions on the field- was super happy i got that far.

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