Thursday, February 17, 2011


Im currently in NZ- Queenstown to be exact. We are having lovely weather here. So far we have travelled out to Milford Sound and walked around Queenstown town itself. Very touristy area- but pretty nonetheless.

Here are a couple of quick pics....

View from our apartment in Queenstown- seriously the apartment is larger than my house!

Travelling to Milford Sound- an 8 hour driving journey

Friordland National Park 

Looking towards the Remarkables from Queenstown Gardens 


My travel companions!

More to come at a later date! xx

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Miss Figgy

I realised that in my last post i mentioned Miss Figgy, but i have yet to introduce her! I became a single mother to a little kitten in December. I rescued her from the Animal Welfare League and now she runs my house! Her full name is Figaro (after the cat in Pinocchio- even though she isnt black and white), but Miss Figgy or Fig are her more common names!

She has become my best friend, loves to play and LOVES to snuggle. She has a thing for tissues as well. She is an inside kitty, but i do now and then take her outside on a harness. When i have my bedroom window open, she often sits on the sill, watching the world go by- and this is where i shot these images

HDR trialling

I haven't posted in ages and i feel rather guilty about that- I haven't even had the time for new sewing projects due to being so busy! (very guilty about that to be honest) but nevermind i will try and make up for that!

Life has been seriously busy with the house and Christmas. New Years brings plenty of challenges and fun times ahead!

As i am typing this, a nice cool change is coming into the mountains. Its been SO hot for the past week, and for a house that does not have air con its been very unbearable (especially for Miss Figgy the cat). Anyway i have been back taking photos- which makes me happy to be back in the groove again so to speak. Here is a quick picture of the backyard. Over Christmas the bf and i did a lot of clearing and all the bamboo got chopped down- as you can see i don't have a fence there! Anyway this shot is a practice run of a photography technique called HDR - High dynamic range. In a nutshell a normal photographic image does not display a complete range of luminance that the normal human eye can see. Through a number of exposures at different shutter speeds, the combination of these images provides a more accurate image (ok this is a less than technical description- see wikipedia if your further interested)

Here is the image that is (according to the camera- is exact on exposure)

Because of the darker forground and bright background, its difficult to get everything spot on... then in HDR....

So much nicer, richer in colour and tone, depth- everything, just as your eye would see it!!!