Monday, July 12, 2010

Im in love...

I splashed out earlier this year and bought a subscription to Harpers Bazaar. I love look at the fashion- but i also LOVE looking at the photo shoots- i often will just look at the to try and work out how the photographer did them and how much photoshopping occurs!

Anyway i was so delighted to open up the August edition and then on page 4 and 5 was this amazing image (well beautiful to me anyway)
Not only is it a great image- the best i have seen from Louis Vuitton for a bit (i really disliked the Madonna stuff, but did like the latest one with a cockatoo)
But how lovely are the clothes! Defo inspired by the 50's, but such a modern twist. I love the corset dresses (which i have every intention of trying to make) and that leather skirt is sumptuous!!!
This is the type of image i love and these models- perfect!
Had to share- just love!

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