Sunday, July 11, 2010

sewing spaces and fabrics

I started sewing around June last year. I remember the exact moment i decided i need to learn.
I walked into Sportsgirl and saw a red satin top- the most simple thing ever- it cost $80 and i loved it (but not the price) so i went home and spoke with mum about it and she thought she had a pattern lying around that would be similar- so i found the pattern and toddled off to Spotlight about bought some red satin and made my first top- and here is the result

Yes i know, a brilliant start (not) but a start nonetheless. I followed this top up with two dresses

By this stage i was truely hooked!

OK this leads me to describing my sewing space- its pretty bad, i am currently house hunting and i hope to get a sewing room out of it- but whilst i am at home, my bedroom will have to do!

I cant even use my computer screen cause my sewing machine is in the way- its a bit of a pain when i am trying to do my art. Like most seamstresses- i like to collect fabric- if i see something i like i buy it (my bank account does not like this though). Anyway i have no room in my room for the fabric- so its out in the hall

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