Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Burdastyle party dress competition!

I received an email the other day off Burdastyle about a competition they are running to design and create a party outfit from an era. Knowing full well i should be spending my time painting my house, doing my landscaping, sewing Christmas presents and preparing myself for the impending art exhibition i am going to have a shot and enter.
I am fully aware i am so not going to have a chance to win i am more interested in trying to create something simple and elegant!
So to choose an era.. yes most people know i love the 50's and 60's and the ladylike fashion of those eras, but no, my inspiration is not going to come from there!

OK so i like my tie blouses- so what era you say? Yes the 70's!!!

But what to make thats a party outfit? No not the kaftan, im not terribly into those.
I am liking the return to the 70's in fashion at the moment with the wide leg trousers, but trousers on their own are no good- but with a top in a jumpsuit form? well that sounds great!!!
Jumpsuits have been quite popular recently, and i would like to have a slinky suit that i could wear out to parties or weddings etc.
Here are examples of jumpsuits from Stella McCartney, Versace and Bianca Spenda.
I am very realistic- within the time frame i have, and the skillz i have (read beginner), there is no way i will be able to design anything complicated or super sophisticated. Nice and simple. As i really dont have time to make a pattern (or more importantly the skill level) i am going to try and use pattern pieces i already have-
Pants: Very Easy Vogue V8512 (pictured)
Top: Vogue Designer Original Valentino 2171 (its from the 1970's)

I will put a picture up of the top later. Hopefully i can create a muslin of these up the weekend and see how i go!!!

I promise to keep you all posted of my progress

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