Sunday, July 11, 2010


First post ever! I was never one to write in a diary and document daily occurrences, but i have decided to take the plunge and establish a blog, to document my different art and sewing works- and i guess whatever takes my fancy!
The title of my blog "The giving of a bright appearance is the best mark of cherishing" comes from a book called "The poetics of space" written by Bachelard. I browsed through this book for research for my artwork about objects in the house and the perception of these in images. Bachelard discusses poems and other writings and how authors describe each room and objects in a home and how the way in which they (objects and rooms) are described signify their importance to the author or to the story.  This could be the light in a room, the way objects- with their history and sentimentality are described etc.
I loved this sentence when i read it and noted it down for a rainy day- and i guess that is now! I hope my blog gives a bright appearance to all the things that i cherish!

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