Tuesday, November 23, 2010

COFA Annual 2010 exhibition

I am exhibiting my graduate series of work titled "Google    sewing patterns" at the COFA Annual Exhibition at the Carriageworks in Sydney this week. The exhibition consists of artworks from over 350 students graduating in 2010 from COFA. 

If anyone visits (assuming someone in Sydney Australia reads my blog!!!) my work is located in Track 12 of the Carriageworks- as you could understand with 350 people exhibiting, there are artworks EVERYWHERE!!!

The series is based on my experiences of community and the internet- its a very simple work, but lends itself to much further artistic investigation- which i hope to do in the near future (and am very excited about). This series observes information sharing, personality and community between interest groups on the web.

For those who cant attend- here are a few pics of the work- special mention to the BF for his help with installing the works (and dealing with my frustrations with the process)

 This was shot right off the wall (with the available light)- "I am a fabric junkie"

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