Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Even though i have lots and lots on my plate at the moment- i saw a lovely (and reasonably simple) dress pattern on burda over the weekend and decided i needed to have a go!

In the latest burdastyle mag (which wont be here in oz for months...) they go retro, with some lovely dresses, pants and jackets. While a number of them took my fancy, i particularly liked the long sleeved princess seamed pleated dress (with pockets)

I really really really love the neckline of this dress. It nips in at the waist (which i like in my dresses- i am currently blessed with a small waist so i may as well make the most of it!)

Honestly i dont really like the pockets. If they were set into the skirt (ok i don't know the technical term) i would be ok- but not on the outside.

I wouldnt get a chance to wear this sort of dress out on the weekend, but i figure i could make it nice enough to wear to work!!

The BF took me to the fabric store on Saturday, and i purchased some black and cream Ponti de Roma. Firstly i want to state that it's really annoying when the price of white fabric was nearly double the price of the cream! I decided on this fabric as i thought it would be nice and warm for winter, plus it would be appropriate for the office (i hope). I will probably underline the dress too- although the dress calls for lining, so that may suffice.

I plan to modify the design to make it more 'office appropriate'. I will be taking cues off the pre summer Moschino cheap and chic collection- which i think is a really chic, but cute take on the black and white

I would like to put some cream detail on the hem of the skirt and somehow either create cuffs or a simple band around the sleeve. I am also toying with the idea of a collar. The moschino dress has a applique collar, which is cute, but not what i am looking for. I really dont know quite yet, as i love the neckline of the pattern, but need to find something that will be appropriate for a work place. hmmm!

Also anything i do, needs to be relatively simple- i am still learning, so cant get myself in deep yet!

Hopefully i can print off the pattern and start this weekend

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